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Our Mission

Mission: Committed to the vital role oceans play in our existence, we recognize the responsibility to safeguard their well-being. Grounded in a dedication to sustainability and community, our non-profit organization is dedicated to advancing the health of our oceans. Through impactful marine education and proactive initiatives, we aim to protect and nurture our distinctive marine biodiversity, while also preserving and revitalizing crucial habitats. Our endeavors include the implementation of coral restoration courses and projects, as well as active involvement in marine education and research, all geared towards enhancing the resilience of our local marine ecosystems.


Marine life in Costa Rica - school of fish
Marine Conservation Costa Rica Team - Geotgia King and Katharine Evans

Our Story

Marine Conservation Costa Rica was founded in 2019 by Georgia King and Katharine Evans. We are based in Quepos on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Geo and Kat met in 2005 in Costa Rica and over the years we have worked together, as scuba diving instructors and on various smaller conservation projects. Setting up the non-profit meant we could focus on what we love….protecting our local marine environment, involving our local community and teaching about marine conservation! 


Meet The Team

 Georgia King

Born in the UK, Georgia is a biochemist with a MSc in Wildlife conservation. She is a PADI Course Director who settled in Costa Rica in 2005.

When did you fall in love with conservation? I have always loved animals which I channeled into work experience at the local zoo amongst other things. I think that started to inspire me with their various projects.

When did you start diving? In 2003 in Indonesia

What is your favorite Marine creature? I think it would have to be any member of the devil ray family.

Favorite dive site in the world? Alcyone, Cocos Island

What is your favorite underwater moment of all time? I think having a whale shark swimming over my head was pretty awesome.

What’s your favorite food? Indian, especially a bhuna.

When you are not diving, what do you do in your spare time? Hiking, riding horses and quiet time.

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Katharine Evans

Also, born in the UK, Katharine is a Biologist as well as a PADI Master Instructor. She settled in Costa Rica in 2002.

What is your role at MCCR? I run the coral restoration project, diving in the nurseries and working with interns, which I love.  I am also active in our community outreach program,  teaching in local schools and community education projects.

When did you fall in love with the ocean?Since I was a small child, my dad brought home a National Geographic magazine with  Humpback Whale songs…I was hooked! My fascination with nature continued through school and I studied Environmental Biology in University.

When did you start diving? 20 years ago.

What is your favorite marine creature? The Scrawled Filefish which is a beautiful type of triggerfish that we get here in Costa Rica.

What makes your top 5 marine creatures? Coral of course! Followed by nudibranchs, octopus, sharks, turtles, seahorses…..

Favorite dive site in the world? Alcyone, Coco Island or Galapagos

What is your favorite underwater moment of all time? So many moments! Hanging out with a Manta Ray for 30 minutes at Isla del Cano, Costa Rica

What’s your favorite food? Anything Spicy…particularly Thai and Vietnamese

When you are not diving, what do you do in your spare time? Yoga, hiking, family time and enjoying a glass of wine with friends

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