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Support our Coral Restoration Project

Restoring our coral reefs to is an ongoing project. For that we need your help! Our “Adopt a Coral” program directly benefits our nurseries and helps grow more coral, resulting in a healthier reef system and ocean. You can get involved and help us today, even from the surface!

There are different options available from adopting a single fragment through to adopting a coral nursery or section of reef for restoration. You get the chance to name your nursery or reef and will stay informed as we will keep you updated on how it is progressing.

Information about the different choices available to you are listed below.

What do you receive?

  • The opportunity to name your nursery or reef.
  • A digital certificate with your coral details and location on GPS
  • Information about the type of coral that you have adopted.
  • An update after 6 months (depending on adoption selection)

* When making a donation through our Adopt a Coral Programs, please include your details and the name and address of the recipient.

Adopt a Fragment

Adopt an individual coral fragment, or multiple fragments for yourself or a loved one. Our team will harvest, micro fragment and place your fragment in one of our coral nurseries in Costa Rica.

Adopt a Nursery

Adopt a coral nursery structure, or multiple nurseries for yourself or a loved one.
Our team will build and name a nursery for you in our coral restoration project in Costa Rica.

Adopt a Reef

Adopt a section of coral reef for restoration, for yourself or a loved one.
Our team will transplant 25 coral fragments onto one of our target reefs for restoration in Costa Rica.

Corporate Sponsorships

We also have a corporate sponsorship program available to companies that are looking to make a positive impact on  the ocean.

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