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We need your help to spread our message of awareness

We have been super busy this year already with both the nurseries, and some exciting new projects coming soon. We are still small and growing fast and we need your help to keep this momentum going. We are looking for two interns. One to help us with content creation for our media channels, and one for managing the social media channels that we have. Both positions are for 3-6 months depending on the person, possibly longer. Our hope is that we can then find some enthusiastic eco warriors to help spread awareness and our message to our expanding network of supporters. And find some new ones in the process. Outlines for the two positions are found below. We look forward to hearing from you!

What do you get in return?

You get to work with us and help spread awareness for the plight of the oceans!

Not just that, obviously! We are offering either a full marine conservation internship in exchange or if you are a looking to become a professional diver we can discuss the ECO Divemaster option with you as well. We have options for housing and homestays available as well.

If you are not a diver then we can work with that as well. We can make that happen as it is important to us that you have a good understanding of what we do. In order to do that, you are better off underwater!

Social Media Intern

We are looking for an enthusiastic social media intern to join us. You will be responsible for creating social media campaigns and the day-to-day management of MCCRs social media social media posts and channels. You need a passion for social media and marine conservation.

The successful intern will be an excellent communicator, a versatile creative writer, and a team player. You will be able to manage our channels through scheduling software, analyze posts and campaigns, and interact with our network of enthusiastic eco warriors.


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We ask that you have experience in the management of social media channels and scheduling software. Also, that you understand branding and production of effective and engaging social media posts.

You can work closely with our content creator

Knowledge of Spanish is a bonus.

Scuba diving experience is desirable.

To apply

  • Please submit a current Resume (CV) with references
  • Please submit an example of how you would plan and manage a campaign on a new artifical reef project.


Note: Can be offered as part of a university degree work experience/Thesis project if desired. Please outline in your application.


Content Creator Intern

suAs Content Creator at Marine Conservation Costa Rica, you’ll be in charge of creating online content like blog posts, newsletters, social media posts both visual and written. This content will help us reach our eco warriors. It’s up to you to provide them with valuable information about our projects and more.¬†

You will need to be able to create both written and visual content so you will need to be able to take photos, videos around the dive center and on our projects.  Access to a Gopro is perfect as this can also be used underwater. If you do not have any experience underwater, we have Divemasters and instructors around who very often can provide underwater footage which you can then utilize.

We hope that you will be able to assist us with creating more education materials for our programs and projects.


coral nursery costa rica


You have the ability to write for multiple channels 
You have excellent writing and editing skills.
You have a sense of branding and know how to keep a consistent tone of voice in your writing and media
You have experience working with a CMS like WordPress.
You can create basic visuals and videos
You know how to optimize your writing for SEO.
You have a passion for the underwater environment.

You can work closely with our social media intern.

Knowledge of Spanish is a bonus

Scuba diving experience is desireable

To apply

  • Please submit a current Resume (CV) with references
  • Please submit some examples of your writing and photo/video content


Note: Can be offered as part of a university degree work experience/Thesis project if desired. Please outline in your application.


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