Our ocean and its health is integrated into our everyday lives, so are the different projects that we are working on.  coral rehabilitation flagship project, we also work on marine education and sustainability projects in our community. Check out below some of our projects including some that are coming soon.

Coral Reef restoration project

Our flagship project is our coral restoration work in Manuel Antonio. Coral reefs around the world are under threat. By growing and restoring our local reef, we are fighting the battle to keep our local reef system healthy. Learn more about our coral project here.

    Coral Reef Restoration in Costa Rica

    Marine education

    One of our biggest weapons is that of education. By educating local communities and visitors on the many different issues facing our oceans we can help conserve. Some of our projects include talking with local schools and community groups on many local issues. In addition to that we offer workshops with local tourism companies and visiting tourists. Our training grants sponsor local marine sciences university students, supporting Costa Rica’s future marine health.

      marine education
      Coral reef research

      REEF Health

        We monitor various biotic and physical parameters on the reef, so that we can track changes over time. Such as the impact of our reef restoration project. We monitor fish and invertebrate populations, coral and substrate cover, topograpy, water temperature, turbidity and quality.

        marine tourism

        Sustainable business & tourism

          To most people, “sustainable” is pretty much the same as “eco-friendly.” They think of complicated conservation efforts and companies concerned with their carbon footprints. And it’s true that being environmentally-conscious is a big part of being sustainable. But it’s not the only thing to consider. An establishment can be as “green” as possible, but still not be sustainable. When it comes to sustainability, there are three main sections we need to look at and can be considered the pillars of sustainable tourism, These include environmental, socio-cultural and economic sustainability. Sustainable businesses in our area will help it grow in the right way and we are looking to help businesses and marine tourism grow and operate in the right way.