Diving with Nudibranchs

Because of their tiny size, nudibranchs can be extremely hard to spot underwater, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Going diving with a local, knowledgeable guide, such as Oceans Unlimited in Costa Rica, is the first step to increasing your chances of seeing a nudibranch as they better understand the habitats, behaviors, and species in the local area. Learning the underwater sign for nudibranch is essential in being able to properly communicate with the other divers.

They are often found in crevices and rocks near the ocean floor in shallow waters. Remember to not touch or chase any marine wildlife, especially soft bodied mollusks such as nudibranchs as they are delicate. They can be easily harmed by humans and are integral species within the marine food chain. Although they look pretty, they should never be collected for an aquarium as they have extremely specific diets; some nudibranchs will eat only a single food source.

Here in Costa Rica, some of the most common nudibranch species include the White Goddess (Chromolaichma sedna), Black and Green (Felimare agassizii), and Camo Nudi (Chromolaichma dalli).

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