What Can You Do?

There are many ways you can help protect our coral reefs.

Get involved! There are many groups, such as here at Marine Conservation Costa Rica that are dedicated to the protection of marine environments. The best way to ensure the protection of these precious areas is to get yourself involved with groups that protect them. Just like how Marine Conservation Costa Rica works in Costa Rica, there are groups that work in areas all over the globe! Together, we can make a difference.

Do not litter in the ocean! Garbage is very damaging to marine enviornments, such as coral reefs. Trash can damage coral reefs in many different ways. Trash can get stuck on corals and block them from much needed sunlight. It can also physically break the coral as well. On top of all of this, the animals that live in coral reefs can get tangeled and stuck in the garbage, which can harm and kill them.

Stay educated! Learn about the topic of ocean conservation and spread the word! The more that join the cause of conservation the better! Make sure that you tell people the correct facts so you can propley tell them about the problem.

Be careful when you are around corals. If you go diving, or find yourself near corals, do not touch them! This stresses them out and leads to bleaching. Make sure others do not either.

If you find yourself ocean fishing, be mindful of the corals as well.

Be more environmentally friendly! One of the main causes of coral bleaching is climate change. As stated earlier, climate change leads to the warming of our oceans, which therefore stresses out the corals. Make sure to lower your ecological footprint. This is a measure of how much energy and resources you use. Some ways to do this include, but are not limited to, conserving energy, using less gas when needed, eating local food rather than processed foods, recycling, reusing items instead of throwing them out, making sure you use environmentally friendly products, and being mindful of where your items come from, for example, did their production hurt the environment? One can also combat climate change by getting involved! There are many groups out there that work on the issue of global warming and work towards making actual, large changes. Just like with marine conservation, the more of us working together, the better! Stay educated on the topic and get involved as much as you can!