Marine Research


In order to be able to conserve we need to research and understand. This takes time and study. Whilst we conduct our own marine reseach projects, we are always happy to colaborate with any additional studies. If you are enrolled in a university program and are looking to complete a thesis or marine research project please contact us. 

Marine research Projects

Some of the projects that we are currently working on include the following:

– Dive Site Population Variation: An Investigative Study of Coral Species Abundance and Corresponding Reef Fish Abundance

– Reef Degradation: Using Reef Relief and Related Surveys to Determine Overall Growth and or Erosion of Various Reef Sites in the Manuel Antonio Area

– Shifts in Benthic Populations: A Quantitative Analysis of Reef Site Benthic Topography and Invertebrate Abundance

– Growth Rate Analysis of In-Situ Coral Fragments Across Various Nursery Locations

РThe Impacts of Anthropogenic Dive Site Conditions on Overall Coral Survivorship 

– Coral Fragment Outplant Growth, Survivorship and Recruitment

РWater Quality Metrics Across Various Dive Sites and Corresponding Sponge Abundance 

– Invasive Corals and their Impacts on Native Coral Species

– Nudibranch Abundance throughout Dive Sites across the Manuel Antonio Area

– Understanding Octopus Mating Season

Student conducting Coral Restoration Marine Research Project