My Time at Marine Conservation Costa Rica

As a Sustainable Tourism and Business Intern

One of our recent interns, Mayella, joined us for 6 weeks, assisting with our Sustainable Tourism and Business program. Hear from her about her experience. 

Over the past six weeks, I have been undergoing a Sustainable Tourism and Business Internship with Marine Conservation Costa Rica (MCCR) in Quepos, Costa Rica. I have learnt so much throughout my time here and made unforgettable memories with some incredible people. Coming from Australia, I have always been passionate about protecting our oceans, but working with MCCR has truly given me a new perspective on the importance of our reefs and marine ecosystems.

Having the opportunity to witness firsthand all that goes into marine conservation made me realise just how important the work that MCCR is doing is. From hands-on coral restoration projects to educational outreach aimed at divers, schools, and the broader public, there are so many facets of the business, all equally important.

Throughout my time here, I have contributed to various projects and initiatives, including creating social media content, assisting with coral fragmentation, and developing educational materials. This experience has provided invaluable insights into the intricacies of running a business and the necessity of achieving sustainable tourism practices. 

One project that I particularly enjoyed was developing an educational video alongside Nashira, explaining the process of coral restoration. This project provided me with so many new skills such as video editing, colour grading, and researching. The transferable skills and knowledge that I have collected throughout my internship will be extremely valuable in my future career.

In my freetime!

Staying in a homestay during my internship was one of my favourite aspects of the program as I was able to immerse myself in the culture and language of Costa Rica. The family was so welcoming, giving me the opportunity to improve my Spanish and try some delicious Costa Rican food. 

The sense of community within the program was also amazing, whether it was going to the release turtles at sunset or to the bar for a couple of drinks, everyone was always up to hang out together and become great friends. 

Tourism has the power to foster peace, with people from all across the world coming together to appreciate the same views, nature, and experiences. The industry depends on the survival of our environments- without a thriving, beautiful landscape, people will stop coming. Protecting and conserving the world’s natural assets is imperative in sustaining the tourism industry. It is so important that everyone involved in tourism- the tourists, local communities, organisations, governments- take the responsibility to create a responsible, sustainable tourism industry.

The ocean is such a vital ecosystem for the world. Without organisations like Marine Conservation Costa Rica, we have no chance of sustaining a holistic tourism industry. Without coral reefs, we have nothing.

By Mayella Bignell 

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