Adopt a Coral Fragment


Adopt a Coral Fragment in Costa Rica


Symbolically adopt a coral fragment, or multiple fragments for yourself or a loved one.
The Marine Conservation Costa Rica team will harvest, micro fragment and place your fragment in one of our coral nurseries in Costa Rica.
Corals are naturally slow growing, depending on the species they will be in the nurseries for 6-12 months. The coral fragments are monitored for algal growth or build up of sediment, in which case they need careful cleaning. We regularly collect data from the nurseries. Once they reach an optimal size and health, they will be outplanted as new coral colonies to our target reef for restoration.

What you will receive

  • A personalized digital certificate with your name, coral fragment details and GPS location.
  • Accompanying informative letter about your adopted coral and our restoration project.
  • You will receive your digital certificate and letter by email within 48 hours of purchase.

* When making a donation through our Adopt a Coral Programs, please include your name and contact email. Add the name and contact email of the recipient (if different) and any further details in the additional information. Certificates are available in English or Spanish