Shearwater Dive Computer Raffle



Win a Shearwater dive computer in this exciting Raffle. Limited tickets are available at only $25 a ticket. All proceeds go to Marine conservation costa rica and their coral restoration project.

The Peregrine is a simple and easily accessible, full colour, multi-gas dive computer. With the Peregrine we simplified operations and made a computer that is easy to use for divers of all experience levels. The Peregrine is your ideal companion for many adventures to come. Multi Diving Modes There are 4 diving modes: Air (For recreational diving) Nitrox (Single gas up to 40%) 3 Gas Nitrox (Up to 100% O2) Gauge (Depth, time, resettable stop watch function) Simple and Powerful The Peregrine has a full colour 5.59 cm LED LCD screen with vivid, enhanced colour range and saturation display. It has simplified recreational diving modes with full decompression support. The diver can easily navigate and customize important diving information displayed on the home screen. Shearwater dive computers never lockout for dive plan deviations. The Peregrine is best suited for Air and Nitrox divers that want a great screen at an exceptional value with a simplified feature set. User Customizable Display – Customize your display with information important to you. Wireless Charging – Battery life per charge is up to 30 hours on medium brightness level. USB wireless charging station is included. Multiple Languages – Languages include: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Italian and Spanish. In the Dive Log menu, a diver can quickly view detailed graphs and dive information such as a dive log list, water temperature changes, depth, start and end time, surface interval time and more, all easily available at the diver?s fingertips. The Peregrine has a quick NDL planner and intuitive DECO planner that divers can use to plan their dives. The decompression algorithm that Shearwater uses is the Buhlmann GF algorithm. Cloud Control Divers can easily link their Peregrine dive computer via a bluetooth connection, allowing them to share information.peregrine dive computer win