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We recently had the pleasure of welcoming 9 students from Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan, who came to help us in our progress towards protecting our oceans, as they play an important role in our way of life. Months before joining us here in Quepos, they had begun important research into the fishing industry and in particular, the sustainability of certain fish in Costa Rica. Once here, over a week, the students learnt about Marine Conservation, its importance, sustainable fishing practices, and how we have exploited it over decades. They then went and conducted primary research speaking to restaurants, tourists and fishermen in the local area to find out more about the fishing industry and its sustainability.

The end goal was to create a brochure that is simple and easy to use for anyone looking to be more considerate in their choices when regarding fishing and the importance of making sure we protect this valuable and finite commodity. Below, you can see their important work that can help YOU make an impact in protecting our oceans!

As a final message from us at Marine Conservation Costa Rica, we’d like to thank Aizya S, Alexis F, Angelique T, Dante W, Grant M, Joshua M, Mahmuda H, Marielle J, Shelby N and Professor Devone for joining us and creating this brochure to educate all of us on how we can make more informed decisions about what we eat!

The brochure is available for free download in both English and Spanish, so why not download them all today? Please feel free to share on social media, your website or anywhere you think it will have educational value.

Fish for the Future: Sustainable Seafood Options and Practices

Fish for the Future: Sustainable Seafood Options and Practices

MOTT Community College

Coral Restoration in Costa Rica

We hope you enjoy our free brochures!

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