6 easy ways to go Eco in your everyday life

6 easy ways to go Eco in your everyday life

As a conservation non-profit we are constantly looking at ways that we can make a difference in our amazing ocean and planet. Sometimes it seems like an endless battle to do something and almost overwhelming. However, there are some very simple and easy things that you can do to start being more conscious in your everyday life. Here are some suggestions to get started.

Lace up your trainers

walk don't drive

Super easy this one. Next time you think about jumping in the car, can you walk it? Even better, take the fur baby with you if you have one and both enjoy the fresh air. Less car time is less emissions which as we know is a big factor to climate change.

Find that reusable bottle and start using it

reusable water bottles

I think that every person at this point has a reusable bottle somewhere. Come on now. What does a bottled water company really sell? Plastic bottles not water. We don’t need anymore of those so let’s make a concerted effort to remember your bottle when you leave the house and bring it with you. Otherwise we end up with a ridiculous amount of reusable bottles as well which starts to defeat the purpose somewhat don’t you think?!

Eat less meat

eat more veggies

For those carnivores out there, that are tired of hearing about the perfect Vegan life, I get it. But, it does have a big effect on the environment whether it is deforestation or emissions. So, if you really can’t cut that hamburger out of your life, maybe try and do it slightly less and make sensible choices, as in buy local, and try and steer away from the giant factory farms.


Yes, we know that only a small percentage of plastics get recycled, so the perfect solution is juts don’t buy it. But in many places around the world you are limited with your options so when you can, recycle what you do have. Here in Quepos we also have a scheme where some of the not so regularly recycled objects are able to be made into building blocks so everything is being used or reused. Check out you local area to see if there are any similar projects.

Hang it out to dry

Unless you are in downpour rainy season you can use a drier less and utilize the wind. Less energy consumption and less of a carbon footprint. Whats not to like? Hang out your clothes and get some breezy freshness on them!

Use eco friendly cleaning products

Everything that we use in water ends up in our oceans and rivers including things that can be harmful to wildlife. Whether it is your laundry detergent or your shampoo it can all have an effect. So why not make a more conscious decision about what you are putting into the water. There are more options for organic and biodegradable cleaning products now as well which won’t have a negative effect on the wildlife. I have found that I am definitely reading the label on what I am using now, I just wish more of them steered away from plastic. Its a start though!

eco friendly laundry detergent

So with these simple steps you can make a positive start to a more eco aware life! No excuses, get started!