Octopus Ecology program

Octopus Ecology program

 Come and learn about one of our exciting scuba diving programs for our interns and volunteers and it is all about one of our favorite critters here on the reef. The Octopus. The program is called Octopus Ecology and with it you will learn all about them.




octopus ecology

The octopus is one of the most interesting creatures here on the reef. The are very often considered to be one of the most intelligent creatures of all invertebrates. They have three hearts and all of their tentacles have a mind of their own. That is three quick facts that are amazing.

octopus at night swimming

During the program the following themes are covered;

  • the morphology of Octopus and the roles of them within the ecosystem.
  • How to find the octopus on the reef
  • How does the octopus feed and reproduce
  • How does the octopus behave and learn.

Finally we look at their conservation status and what species we can find locally as well as how we record and observe them. This is then followed by two dives on the reef observing and recording any data we have on them.

So, want to learn more? Then maybe you should sign up for our program. It is available as part of our Marine conservation internships and volunteer programs. It will be taught by our MCCR instructors and includes 2 dives out on the reef looking at Octopus habitats and behavior

If you want to join us on this exciting program then contact us here.