We have a number of different projects that we are implementing as well as new ones that we are introducing here in Manuel Antonio. If you would like to come and help us make a difference then we accept both diving and non-diving volunteers. For all volunteers we recommend that you have a minimum of 2 week available to get the most from you experience.

Diving Volunteer

If you are already a diver then you can join us as a diving volunteer.  Our partner dive center offers the course if you need to complete it here. You can then join us on a fun learning experience. We ask for a donation towards the foundation for this experience and you will need to cover your rental of dive equipment, tanks and weights if needed. 

Cost of a diving volunteer placement is $1800 for the first month. This includes your certification in coral restoration and rental of tanks, weights, BCD and regulator if needed. It also includes a donation to the project. Subsequent months is $1400. You will need to have your own mask, fins, snorkel, dive watch/computer and slate. During the volunteer program you will be diving 2 – 3 times a week (4 – 6 dives a week)

non diving Volunteer

We are not just about scuba diving. Marine conservation is all about our ocean planet and as such we are working on different projects to educate and conserve. If you would like to join us and volunteer on some of our initiatives contact us today. We ask all volunteers for a donation to the project during their time.  Cost of a non-diving volunteer position is $600 a month which includes a dontaion to the project.